In our second session of our Breathwork/Soundbath Chakra Series led by Mel Gauthier and Carrie Bailey, we will cover the emotion, color, element, and tone of the Throat chakra and how it connects to your well being. You will be able to bring forward what you desire, unlock and clear the throat chakra through Meditation, Chanting, Crystal healing, Aromatherapy, Breathwork and the soothing vibrations of a Soundbath.

Signs of an underactive throat chakra

  • You don’t express your voice

  • Experience issues telling the truth

  • You don’t keep your word

  • Have difficulty explaining what you want

    Signs of an overactive throat chakra 

    • Gossiping

    • Overly Critical

    • Arrogance

    • Condescending

    • Rude

    • Inability to listen

Sunday, April 21st | 3:00-5:00pm

Tickets are $50 (To sign up click on April 21st on the Calendar below or download our free app)


“The past is never ended; it isn’t even past.” -- William Faulkner

The past is not always in the past. Many who have journeyed understand that linear time doesn’t really exist, and that everything is happening in the now. This means that the individuals you were in other lifetimes may be active in your own self right now, played out in your daily interactions. If you have experienced certain themes, patterns and situations that continue to replay no matter what you do, this is an example of an unresolved past life that is living in you. These wounds can sabotage you in the present-day, prevent authentic intimacy, create strong aversions/triggers, or other forms of unfinished business.

When a past-life has found closure and healed, your soul in your present life has no need to continue to re-experience the same themes. Instead, there is peace and a sense of vitality.

Delving deeper in shamanic journeying as an exploratory and healing practice, you are invited to join Mimi Young, shamanic medicine practitioner and ritualist of Ceremonie, to access your past lives, receive insights, and clear wounds that stem from beyond this present life.

Learn intermediate shamanic healing techniques related to past lives, including how to:

  • Identify which issues + dynamics are from past lives

  • Access your pages within the Akashic Records

  • Travel to past / parallel lives

  • Form closure with a past / parallel self

  • Retrieve a fragmented soul back into your present self

This class will be geared towards those who have attended either Mimi’s INTRO TO SHAMANIC JOURNEYING or FOUNDATIONS IN SHAMANIC JOURNEYING FOR WELLNESS PRACTITIONERS. Basics will not be revisited during this Spirit Medicine Study.

Investment: $50 early bird (up to one week before event); $60 general admission

What to bring:

  • Notebook and pen

  • Scarf / bandana / or eye cover

  • Rattle (optional)

  • A small Clear Quartz crystal (optional)