CARRIE BAILEY | Co-Founder | reiki healer | sound healer | tarot + intuitive guide | teacher

Carrie was inspired to open a healing and meditation center back in 2015 during the early stages of her sobriety. She was actually told by a dear friend, gifted psychic and tarot reader named Dona, back when she was a teenager, that she would own her own studio one day. Dona couldn’t figure out what it would entail at the time but knew Carrie had the gift of intuition and psychic abilities and saw that she would one day be giving readings like her. Carrie credits her 4 years of sobriety to many of the modalities that are offered through ZENDEN, and to Dona for her incredible insight and guidance she provided. After Carrie experienced a profound spiritual awakening and breakthrough in those early days of sobriety through the exposure of energy healing, sound healing, and plant medicine ceremonies, she soon realized this was her life purpose and quickly discovered what this “studio” would consist of that Dona spoke of all those years ago.

Carrie noticed there were many different forms of drop-in spaces for fitness but there wasn’t anything for healing in the way she envisioned and in the way the majority of us in this city needed. She knew this specific business model she had in mind was the solution to what her and most people in this expensive city were facing. Carrie first tried to quit alcohol 8 months before her official sobriety date in August 2015 and was booking in 1x per week private reiki sessions that were greatly helping her. The only problem she faced- she couldn’t keep it up with the type of income she was bringing in, and she relapsed soon after she stopped the weekly sessions. Like most of us living in Vancouver, this type of model cannot offer us long term success, especially for those of us who need consistent weekly sessions. Carrie received many visions over the course of a few years on how these innovative healing drop in spaces would soon be part of all of our futures, and in the biggest way possible. Even though many people around her at the time thought her idea was crazy, Carrie had no doubt in her mind this specific model would one day be the norm. When she manifested her dream man at the start of 2017, little did she know, he would soon help her manifest her dream business too! Read more about Carrie’s manifestation journey in the New Age Journal.

Carrie runs the daily operations at ZENDEN and with the help from her partner, Andrew, designs and curates the reiki and sound meditation classes. She facilitates Reiki and Sound healing meditations along with private sessions. Carrie’s passion lies in helping those create the life of their dreams, and takes the same approach in her intuitive psychic readings from her late friend, spiritual mentor and psychic, Dona, who is now with her in spirit.


andrew francis | Co-founder | sound healer + teacher | acting coach

Andrew always had a dream of becoming an Entrepreneur. After spending the majority of his life in the entertainment Industry; being an Actor, Voice Actor and Producer, he fulfilled his other dream after meeting his partner and business partner, Carrie. He soon became a Sound Healing Practitioner after quickly falling inlove with the healing instruments. Receiving the complete benefits in his own personal journey into sobriety made him a firm believer they too can help others in the same way. He has since brought meditation and sound with him on set and into his daily life, helping to calm his nerves and aid in his recovery process. During his classes, his passion lies in coaching his students on how to live a calm, stress free life, providing quick easy tips on how to incorporate easy meditative exercises into their daily practice.

Andrew enjoys helping other fellow actors book the part and master their auditions and he is available to book for acting lessons and voice over lessons.


Carah schultz | Yoga teacher | Reiki healer | sound healer

I took my first yoga class 9 years ago, and was instantly in love with how it felt to move my body and connect to my breath. Yoga has such a profound way of teaching us to listen to our inner dialogue and be able to create more space within ourselves. My passion for this beautiful practice has grown every time I step on my mat. I moved from Alberta to the  Cayman Islands, LA and Australia before making the move to Vancouver at the start of this year. I was able to take my teacher training while living in Australia in 2017 and am so grateful to be guiding others in their yoga journey. My classes are hatha based with some juicy yin poses near the end of class, leaving you feeling energized and blissful🦋 I am extremely excited to being a part of the ZenDen tribe!



NICKY CHEN | reiki healer | sound healer | psychic medium

When Nicky was a child, she was always able to see and sense energy as well as Spirit. Growing into her teenage years, Nicky developed very strong intuition as well as abilities to feel and decipher energies, and often times cast predictions on situations on herself and close friends. As she got into adulthood, Nicky pushed this part of herself away due to the fear of judgement of others. She found ZENDEN 4 months ago when she was in desperate need of healing and went to her very first class - The Intuitive Reiki Circle. That one class was so powerful and changed the entire outlook of Nicky’s life and from that moment forward, she knew what her purpose was — To heal herself and to become a healer. So that’s what she did. Nicky dedicated herself fully and came to classes every single day when they were available. Through meditation, sound healing and energy medicine, she was able to open up and as she healed, she started to re-discover her abilities that she had spent years pushing away. After completing and receiving her Reiki certification, Nicky’s senses were amplified and grew to be even stronger than they were. She received visions, messages and is able to communicate with Spirit, guides and passed over loved ones. 

Nicky is looking forward to providing energy healing to those who attend her classes and book private sessions with her. You can expect positive and helpful insight as well as messages that are most beneficial for you and what you need to know most at the present moment. 


Jill Lindsay | reiki healer |sound healer| yoga teacher

As a certified Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Teacher, Jill’s passion is to connect others with their greatest potential through healing and working to clear blocks. Jill has learned so many great tools to navigate life more gracefully. Jill found her way to Energy Healing after a few profound experiences navigating through her own healing from a chronic knee injury, which lead to a surgery and mental disruption. Jill is here to lead and support others on their own journey of self discovery, providing you with the tools to access your truth, and who you are here to be.