Carrie was inspired to open a spiritual healing and meditation centre back in 2015 during the early stages of her sobriety. She credits her 3+ years of sobriety to many of the modalities that are offered through ZENDEN. After receiving the incredible healing effects of Reiki and Sound healing, and having experienced profound spiritual awakenings and breakthroughs, Carrie received a message from spirit that this was her life’s purpose. After writing down her intentions of what this dream business would look like, she realized there was something majorly missing in this world. She noticed there were many community drop-in spaces for fitness but there wasn’t anything for spiritual healing in the way she envisioned. When she manifested her dream man at the start of 2017, little did she know, he would soon help her manifest her dream business too! She always knew it would start with ZEN and Andrew had the idea to end with DEN, and ZENDEN it was! Read more about Carrie’s manifestation journey in the New Age Journal. Carrie runs the daily operations of ZENDEN and with the help from her partner, Andrew, designs and curates the reiki and sound meditation classes. She facilitates Reiki and Sound healing meditations along with private sessions; offering Reiki, Sound healing, Soul Coaching, EFT and Emotion code. During Carrie’s classes, you can expect to learn how you can make manifestation work for you while exploring different aspects of your life that need to be changed and/or improved.

Chip, our resident healer cat came into Carrie’s life in the early stages of her sobriety and his story is quite unique! Carrie was struggling with her sobriety at around the 2 month point when she kept receiving downloads that she should buy a cat. She grew up strongly disliking cats and was more of a dog person at the time so she couldn’t figure out where this was coming from. After the messages kept coming, she realized this must be important and figured having a cat to take care of during these challenging times may help keep her sober. As soon as she made the decision she woke up early the next morning with a strong impulse to check craigslist. She stumbled upon the cutest and funniest looking kitten in Langley and knew without any doubt that he was the one.

On the long car ride home to Vancouver, Carrie received an intuitive message from spirit to name him Chip, which she was not keen on at first. She decided if he started to meow at any names she would call out to him, then that would be the chosen one. And after many different names the only name he would continuously meow at, was Chip. Later that evening, after contemplating if she should change his name, as she reallyy did not like it, Carrie received a text message from an AA friend describing she had just received her 3 month chip. Finally the pieces were coming together! He’s a little sobriety chip! When she asked the breeder when Chip’s birthday was, she couldn’t believe her ears. He was born exactly on her 1 month of sobriety. The date she received her first month sobriety chip! You may see Chip from time to time to greet you before or after class. He’s a very friendly, lovable mystic and likes to spread the healing vibes to everyone he meets!


andrew francis

Andrew always had a dream of becoming an Entrepreneur. After spending the majority of his life in the entertainment Industry; being an Actor, Voice Actor and Producer, he fulfilled his other dream after meeting his partner and business partner, Carrie. He soon became a Sound Healing Practitioner after quickly falling inlove with the healing instruments. Receiving the complete benefits in his own personal journey into sobriety made him a firm believer they too can help others in the same way. He has since brought meditation and sound with him on set and into his daily life, helping to calm his nerves and aid in his recovery process. During his classes, his passion lies in coaching his students on how to live a calm stress free life, providing quick easy tips on how to incorporate easy meditative exercises into their daily practice.

Andrew enjoys helping other fellow actors book the part and master their auditions and he is available to book for acting lessons and voice over lessons. This year he will be facilitating an acting workshop.


Carah schultz

I took my first yoga class 9 years ago, and was instantly in love with how it felt to move my body and connect to my breath. Yoga has such a profound way of teaching us to listen to our inner dialogue and be able to create more space within ourselves. My passion for this beautiful practice has grown every time I step on my mat. I moved from Alberta to the  Cayman Islands, LA and Australia before making the move to Vancouver at the start of this year. I was able to take my teacher training while living in Australia in 2017 and am so grateful to be guiding others in their yoga journey. My classes are hatha based with some juicy yin poses near the end of class, leaving you feeling energized and blissful🦋 I am extremely excited to being a part of the ZenDen tribe! Join me every Tuesday from 6-7pm,


sarah johnson.jpg

sarah johnson

Sarah Johnson is a muse of movement, nature lover and travel wanderlust aiming to enhance the vibrancy of this world through yoga and inspiring people to craft their own unique lives. Having completed a 200 hour training under Rebekka Walker in the summer of 2017, Sarah brings alignment based sequences and an element of fun to her classes, encouraging students to find their unique expression of a pose at any stage in their practice. 

Being a creative person by trade Sarah uses this toolset to weave exploratory poses, fluid movements (even when we’re not fluid!), mindful centerings and invigorating tunes to her classes. While she enjoys many varieties of yoga her main influences are from the Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram yoga and complimentary modalities such as Chi Kung and Vipassana meditation. Always learning she finds her greatest source of knowledge from nature, where you can often find her reconnecting with mother earth hiking locally and/or even better when abroad!

She invites all students to live their lives authentically and encourages us all to stay wild and love freely!

kim reiki.jpg

kimberly morrow

Kimberly Morrow was born and raised in White Rock, BC Canada. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Ryerson University, and switched career paths in 2016 to the natural and integrative wellness field. She has an incredible passion for helping and healing all living beings, the development of her own spirituality, and taking care of her mind, body and spirit, while inspiring and empowering others to do the same. She is educated in aromatherapy and essential oils, as well as crystal healing. In her spare time, she enjoys making Reiki-infused jewelry, traveling, reading, salt baths, spending time with her family and friends, and working out at her Barre Fitness classes.